In the Experimentation area, children make connections with science, technology, engineering, and math through hands-on activities. The Magnetic Ball Wall, Floating Objects, Light Table, and building stations encourage critical thinking skills through scientific inquiry and exploration. 


Magnetic Ball Wall 


The Magnetic Ball Wall is a changeable ball run that is ideal for kids that love to build and tinker. Kids can make quick adjustments and test out their paths to get the ball exactly where they want it to go. This exhibit allows children to experiment with kinetic and potential energy, momentum, and the force of gravity. 


 Wind Tunnel


The Wind Tunnel is an engaging tool for learning about natural forces and aerodynamics. Visitors can experiment with light materials and watch them fly. This exhibit encourages investigation through play and enhances skills and attitudes toward future learning. 


Light Table


The Light Table gives children the opportunity to build an illuminated structure with magnetic pieces. This activity allows visitors to practice engineering and problem solving skills while learning about magnets and light.


Keva Planks


The Keva table challenges children to use their imagination and attention to detail while creating a sturdy structure. This activity provides visitors the opportunity to experience gravity and the principals of civil engineering in action.




The Rokenbok table is full of unique building blocks that can be attached on all sides, allowing children to imagine and create a variety of structures. This activity helps visitors learn about engineering while using their imaginations to rethink and redesign their creations.


Light Wall


The Light Wall is a fun way to create an illuminated image. With numerous colored pegs, this wall allows visitors to use their imagination to design patterns, shapes, and pictures.


Floating Objects


At the Floating Objects station, children can explore how aerodynamics and air pressure can keep objects alfoat. Test multiple items and see how size, shape, and weight can affect the objects ability to float.



Thank you to our Experiment area supporters: Price Philanthropies Foundation, Rokenbok Education Foundation, Escondido Rotary Foundation, and Avista Technologies.